Black Timber Bows

"I've never heard of Black Timber Bows!" I'll bet that's what you are thinking. Not many people have, except for my hunting buddies and about 75 others. Why? Because I've never advertised, and I only build true custom bows, one at a time, to the exact specifications requested. No production bows here. Most customers are happy with a finished weight within 2 pounds of their request, but once I had a customer ask for a weight to be within pound of his request at his draw length. He got it and most are within 1pound, but that kind of stuff takes time.

The bows I build are takedown recurves and one and 2 piece longbows of the handle forward, reflex / deflex design, and I build them on a part time basis, (I have a regular "day job") which means I only build about ten to fifteen bows per year.

I need to keep it this way for now because of the "day job" and because I can't handle keeping people waiting for something they really, really want. I've been in those shoes. Maybe someday I'll be doing this full time because I like building them as much as shooting them, but that's probably still a few years off.

So, what about the name, Black Timber Bows? If you've ever hunted Elk in the Colorado Rockies, you already know. There, the fingers of evergreens that reach down through the Aspens are called dark timber. Some call it Black Timber. I've had many exciting close encounters in the Black Timber. It's my favorite place to be during Elk season.

Lately, the time I have had for making bows has been spent making prototypes using my new Bow-Bolt, but now I have to get back to filling orders for extremely patient customers and friends.

If you would like me to build a bow for you, please give me a call and we can discuss the particulars, and remember, as my mom always said, "patience is a virtue."

Here are pictures of some of the bows I've built and a few other memories: